Classes and Membership.

New Client 30 Day Unlimited - $85

  • Jumpstart your exercise routine with unlimited classes for 30 days!
  • The New Client Special is valid only for clients who are new to The Bar Method Fresno or Clovis locations.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your first class. New students who arrive after class has commenced will have to wait for the next class.
  • Value: 3x weekly/$7.08 per class

Club Bar Monthly Membership - $170/month

  • Join Club Bar, our monthly auto-renewing membership program, to take unlimited classes for only $170/month OR $155/month if purchased at least 48 hours BEFORE your New Client Special expires. CLICK HERE to purchase Club Bar at the discounted rate.
  • This membership makes it even easier for you to take the optimal number of classes to see the best results for your body.
  • Club Bar Benefits:
    • 15% off any merchandise purchased at the studio at anytime
    • Priority for advanced registration to classes and workshops
    • 4 guest class passes per year
    • A BLACK CARD with prizes earned by taking class as a perk of Club Bar
    • Free enrollment for friends and family l to special classes/events offered throughout the year
    • Just 30 days notice to cancel after 1st 4 months
  • BEST VALUE PACKAGE: Visits/Cost per Class with special $155 rate – 3x/week: $12 – 4x/week: $9 – 5x/week: $7
  • If you join Club Bar you are eligible for dual membership at both the Bar Method Fresno and Clovis locations.

Single Class - $25

Just visiting, or giving The Bar Method a try? Drop in to a class for just $25.

  • A pre-paid class will expire after 1 year.
  • Visits/cost: $25

5 Class Package - $110

  • Pre-pay for five classes at once, and reduce the cost per class to just $22.
  • Pre-paid class packages may not be shared, and expire 6 months from purchase.

Private Instruction Sessions - $75/ hour

  • Purchase in studio.
  • Improve your form and technique in a one on one session.

30 Day Unlimited - $185

30 days of unlimited classes without an auto renew commitment.

Club Bar Student discount - $135/month

  • For full time high school, college, or grad students only.
  • Must purchase in person at front desk with a valid ID.

Bride to be Club Bar discount- $135/month

  • For first 3 months – Slim down and shape up for your wedding day the best way possible!
  • You AND your bridal party will each receive the bride to be discount.

Military discount - $135/month

  • Valid ID required.
  • Purchase in studio at the front desk.

Private Parties

All Inclusive Bar-tini Party: $45 per person, class includes a lead teacher and a co-teacher to provide more hands on adjusting and one on one focus, food and drink after class are offered and catered by The Bar Method Fresno or Clovis at either studio, and photos taken during class will be sent in an e-mail to host of party.

Basic Bar Party: $35 per person, this includes just the class with one teacher and one co-teacher.

Minimum capacity for a private party is 10 people.

10 Class Packang: $200

  • Pre-pay for ten classes at once, and reduce the cost per class to just $20.
  • Pre-paid class packages may not be shared, and expire 6 months from purchase.